RuptureSeal™ RS-2 Pack

RuptureSeal™ RS-2 Pack


Experience the convenience and versatility of the RuptureSeal™ RS-2 Pack, offering comprehensive leak-sealing solutions at an unbeatable value. This pack includes multiple units of RuptureSeal™ RS-2, specifically designed to seal tears ranging from 1/4" to 2" in diameter. With its innovative patented technology, RuptureSeal™ RS-2 ensures quick and efficient closure of breaches in pipelines, tanks, or equipment across various commercial, industrial, and individual cleanup applications.

The RS-2 Pack provides a cost-effective solution for addressing multiple leaks or preparing for potential emergencies. By having multiple units on hand, you can swiftly respond to leaks of different sizes, ensuring minimal downtime and reduced risk of extensive damage. Each RuptureSeal™ RS-2 unit in the pack offers reliable performance, helping contain leaks, protect the environment, and maintain health and safety standards.

With the RuptureSeal™ RS-2 Pack, you can rest assured that you're equipped with the tools necessary to handle leak emergencies effectively and efficiently. Invest in peace of mind and proactive leak management with the RuptureSeal™ RS-2 Pack.

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