RuptureSeal™ - RS-1

RuptureSeal™ - RS-1


RuptureSeal™ RS-1 is a cutting-edge solution for swiftly and effectively sealing punctures ranging from 1/8" to 1" in diameter. Engineered with innovative patented technology, RuptureSeal™ RS-1 offers a quick and hassle-free method to address leaks in commercial and industrial settings, as well as for individual cleanup needs. 

Whether faced with unexpected breaches in pipelines, tanks, or equipment, RuptureSeal™ RS-1 provides a reliable and efficient means to contain leaks, mitigate damage, safeguard the environment, and protect health and safety. By promptly sealing breaches, RuptureSeal™ RS-1 helps prevent costly spill remediation efforts, potentially saving thousands of dollars, and even lives. Trust RuptureSeal™ RS-1 for rapid and dependable leak closure in critical situations.

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