Revolutionize your liquid collection, spill clean-up, and waste management processes with the EZIVac XL. Say goodbye to the hassles of burnt-out electric vacuums, blocked pumps, and costly absorbents. Capable of vacuuming up to 40 gallons per minute, the EZIVac XL ensures efficient and effortless liquid transfer and disposal.

This kit includes the EZIVac XL Pump, fittings, a 4-foot Stinger, and a 15-foot hose (drum not included). Designed for maximum safety and ease of use, this pump is essential for handling hazardous materials in the workplace.

Technical Specifications:

  • Vacuum Capacity: Up to 150 LPM (40 GPM)
  • Vertical Suction Lift: Up to 3.5 M (11.5 ft.)
  • Pumping Capacity: Up to 105 LPM (28 GPM)
  • Vertical Pumping Lift: Up to 3.0 M (9.8 ft.)
  • Compressor Requirement: Minimum 707 LPM (25 CFM) @ 100 PSI
  • Best Performance: 850 LPM (30 CFM) @ 100 PSI

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